Artists in Collective


Akhshay Gandhi

Theatre Artist.


Shreekanth Rao:

Writer and Theatre Artist.


Anand Satheendran:

Bharatnatyam & Kathakalli performer.


Mamta Bisht:


A Product Manager and a student of Indian classical dance - Kathak. 

She is exploring performance craft  and text content keeping Kathak as the base.


Anita Gandhi:


 A business process manager exploring Photography as a medium to express her thoughts about world's various concepts like necessity, differences etc.

Ameet Bhuvan:

Writer and Actor.

An Improv Actor looking to experiment with conventional story-telling techniques and elements of devised theatre work.


Saurabh Sinha:

Singer and Guitarist.

An IP consultant and a guitarist who is exploring music and compositional techniques.


Architect & Theatre Artist.

 An Architect and theatre practitioner, exploring visual art forms like painting, sketching and the intermingling of visual and performance arts.

Balakrishnan Raghavan:

Carnatic classical musician.

Sajan Sankaran:

Dhrupad musician and researcher.

Sonam Powar:

Theatre actor

Paarvathi Om:

Storyteller, explorer and performance artist.

Vivek Pankaj:

Photographer & video artist.

Hemanth Kumar:

Aspiring movement artist & Actor.

Ankur Pradhan:

Actor and theatre maker

Manoj Pandey: