Projects at Sva Collective


Individual Projects at Sva:

Ameet Bhuvan:

 Pratibimbh (working title) is a part scripted part devised work that aims at understanding our identities that we live with as those perceived by us and as seen by the world around us. What defines these identities and who lets them get defined? Does changing the perception, internal or external, change who we really are? The work aims at understanding and raising more such questions.

Akhshay Gandhi: 

Kavad Katha is derived from a Rajasthani story-telling form Kavad. Kavad is a box of doors with different story on each door, each unfolds different narrative, and inter-linked stories. The artist is aiming at composing stories and performance with-in the framework of Kavad with story-telling, Music, Movement, and Gestures.

Shreekanth Rao: 

“Naguvaaga Nakku...” (“We laughed while we did”) is a Kannada play set in urban Bangalore. The story is of a young woman who is trying to find her own place in a world of software engineers and set life goals, and her mother who has her own insecurities of old age and lost  ambitions. The play attempts to use text, poetry, music and movement to create the narrative.

Manojna Acharya: 

Can space influence drama? Can the drama unfolding in a space post occupation provide opportunities for the evolution or transformation of space? Can architecture not just be frozen poetry but a poetry of movement that allows for continuous growth both for the participator and for itself? Can a visual art form such as a painting encourage a designer to imagine a poetic flow of spaces? Can the introduction of a dramatic element to a space inspire further collaboration? My journey starts with the quest to find newer answers to these queries.

Anita Gandhi:

Changing City is a photo expression of a city changing at rapid speed. It explores various dimensions which comprises a Society as a whole. The Artist is interested in conceptualizing and expressing her thoughts about world's various concepts like necessity, differences etc.

Saurabh Sinha: 

Travel through Music, is an attempt to create music, inspired, influenced by the places, its people, its culture etc. With this project Musician is interested in exploring music, various compositional techniques and collaboration with other musicians.

Mamta Bisht: A student of Indian classical dance - Kathak. She is exploring performance craft and developing vocabulary incorporating movement, gestures, music and Dance.