Akhshay Gandhi

Theatre Artist

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Roles: Artistic Director & Founder

Bangalore, India

Hindi | English | Rajasthani

13th Dec 1986, Rajasthan, India

+91-7829765688 | +91-9986994836 | +1-848-235-8496*


*Currently in a 9 month intensive training, in Theatre Arts at SITI, Conservatory, New York, NY.

Artistic Inclination:


Exploring Theatre & Performance. Aspire to grow as performing artist exploring and improving with each performance.


Work so Far:


Performing and creating has been most crucial aspect of my Artistic journey till now. With each project, I have attempted to learn more, challenge more, experience more and connect better with my performing body.


“Dhrupad” – Research in performance | Research Collaborator & Performer-Creator | Exploration phase
The project is about exploring various aspects of Dhrupad – a rare and oldest surviving Music form from Indian sub-continent. Various aspects includes, learning and exchanging Dhrupad techniques of creation and performance and re-discover the relationship between Movement & Sound of Dhrupad.

“The Kaavad Project” – Revival effort | Artistic Director & Collaborator | First phase of revival
Kaavad Katha is a lost tradition of Storytelling with paintings, singing and genealogy. We have brought artists of various fields, like Visual art, Music, Dance, design to work together in first phase to create inspired work based on the documentation available about the form. The second phase will involve attempt to revive the original nuances of the form itself.
Kaavad katha – “Maya” first work in the project is a collaboration between theatre artists, Visual artists, Designers, Musicians & Mask Artist.
As Actor:
1. Kaavad Katha – “Maya” – Performer & Collaborator | Oct 2015 - Present
2. Naguvaaga Nakku – Shreekanth Rao | July 2015 - Present
3. Cage of Sparrows – Ramneek Singh | April 2014 – Dec 2015
4. Satellite City – Iravati Karnik/Amit Sharma | Nov 2013 – July 2015
5. Tam-Ta-Ram-Ta (Play for toddlers) – Padmavati Rao | Oct 2012
6. The Devil’s Tree (Children’s play) – Padmavati Rao | Sep 2011 – July 2012
7. Hum Honge Na Kamyab – Abhinav Kimoti | Mar 2011
8. Beyond the land of Hattamala – Vivek Vijayakumaran | Mar 2011
9. Harlesden High Street - Neel Choudhary | Jan 2011 - June 2011
10. Rizwaan – Abhishek Majumdar | Oct 2010 - Nov 2010
11. Shedding Petals and Frozen Wings – Indian Ensemble Repertory, Ramneek Singh | May 2010-Jan 2011
12. Tsunami - Shankar Ventakeshwaran & Prabhath | Short performance
13. The Broken Thigh - Shankar Ventakeshwaran | Short performance

As Movement Artist
1. Fragile - Directed by Veena Basavarajaiah | Sep 2014 – Present
2. Mooki - Devised and Directed with Veena Basavarajaiah | July 2013 - Present
3. Expressions of I Am – Directed by Veena Basavarajaiah | April 2010

Movement Installations:
1. H2Zero – Directed by Veena Basavarajaiah and Deepak kurki | Jun 2011 – Aug 2011


As Creator:

1. Self & its own - Conceptualisation & Direction

A performance exploring the interactions between self and its own created real/imaginary world.


2. Body – Facilitator & Director | Performance oriented work | Exploration phase
Exploring the concept of Existence as body and our desire to exist beyond this body.

3. Silence – Facilitator & Director | Performance and experimental | Feb 2015 – Present
A devised performance looking at Silence as a source and result of actions. Explored the some of the works of musician John Cage, naturalist Breine Krause and concept of Wetiko psychosis.

4. Silent Space – Director | Site specific work | Nov 2015

5. “Maya” – Artistic Director & Writer
Inspired by Kaavad design and frame-within-a-frame form of Sanskrit work “Katha Sarita Sagar” this work look at how “Maya” drives the world.

6. Khoj – Choreographer | Short Movement Work | Aug 2013

7. Sandhya – Writer | As part of Indian Ensemble’s writing program | Mar 2013

8. Vikalp – Director | Short performance | Feb 2013

9. The Brooklyn Bridge – Director | Devised narrative based theatre performance | Aug 2011

10. Celebration of being Alive - Assistant Director/Cameraman | Children’s film | July 2011

11. Amnesia - Assistant Director | Devised children play for school | April 2011

12. Why sky went high - Co-Directed | short children play for school | Feb 2011




Sva Collective: An initiative to build a community based company, which can allow creative professionals of varied fields to exchange practices, share their work, collaborate, learn, and provide impetus and influences.

CREATE program: Sva has developed a program, which helps creative professionals to work together in an environment and focus on working towards creative output.

Open Art Sessions:
Jams: Facilitating a gathering of people to engage in a sharing and exchange session through their Art work, which can be as simple as sharing an incident to as complex as a music composition.
Readings: Open readings to bring various written work to public. Like, readings of Ismat Chugtai, Kavad stories, Regional plays etc.
Viewings: Open sessions of screening various films, usually films which are part of exploration of some of the projects at Sva Collective.

Exploration session on Sound | April – May 2015 | Exploration with a “Dhrupad” singer, to exchange practices of Voice related work in context of Dhrupad and theatre.

Exploration session on Realism in Theatre | March – May 2016 | Bringing various directors, writers and actors together to exchange each other’s understanding and practice of approaching a realistic play. The session is through readings and floor work of three contemporary plays.

WaterColorSky Theatre: One of the founding member of company which formed by the batch of Indian Ensemble’s foundation course. Directed Brooklyn bridge and organized few theatre events in Bangalore as part of this theatre company.


Other Engagements:


Bondage and Beyond - As Flutist, devised piece on the work of “Nicole Dufour” with Veena Basavarajaiah.

Under the Quilt as Flautist.

Plays: Treadmill and Prelude – Sound execution

Worked with Children at Swagath NGO

Worked with Children in Correctional Centre, Bangalore

Worked with Volunteers of Pankudi, NGO, Pune




Foundation course in Theatre Making at Indian Ensemble (Sep 2009 – May 2010)

Movement training with Veena Basavarajaiah (Sep 2010 – )

Intensive Drama Program – Facilitated by, H.Thomba, Shankar V, Daniel Goldmen, Prabhath B, TPPL, Mumbai (May 2011)

Advanced workshop on Theatre Making at Indian Ensemble (Writing) (Sep 2012-Mar2013)

Source of Performance Energy at Adishakti (Nov 2012)

Oriental Martial Arts, Yeshu-Do (1998-2001)


Short Trainings:


Rasa & Voice :: Adishakti | Feb 2016

Theatre lighting – Theory & hands-on :: Christoph Siegenthaler | Nov 2015

Body in Motion :: Abhilash Niggappa | July 2015

Masterclasses at Attakalari, movement centre :: Alexander Whitley & Kacek Luminski | Mar 2015

A Surprised Body by Francesco Scavetta at Adishakti, Pondicherry.

Performing Shakespeare by John Bashford at Rangashankara, Bangalore

Self and Others by John Britton, Bangalore (March 2013)

Voice Workshop by Anmol Vellani, Bangalore (Feb 2014)

Sublime Naivety – Clowning workshop by Puja Sarup.(Sep 2014)




Theatre based workshop on Organizational Health Survey with different management levels at Intel, India.

Created a film with Intel Employees, to understand Organizational Behaviour.

Theatre based training to students at Bangalore school of Business Studies.

Taught theatre at Headstart School.

Theatre workshop at Abhiyaan Global Eduation.


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